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Space and Speed Management

"Proper Space Management" means maintaining enough space around your vehicle to operate and stop safely. To stop your vehicle safely, several factors come into play. "Perception distance" is the distance a vehicle travels from the time you see a hazard until your brain recognizes the hazard. For an alert driver, about 3/4 of a second; but at 55 mph, your vehicle travels some 60 feet in that 3/4 of a second. 

"Reaction Distance" is the distance a vehicle travels from the time the driver’s brain tells him to move his foot from the fuel pedal to the brake pedal. Again, 3/4 of a second for the alert driver; again at 55 mph another 60 feet traveled. Then, you add in brake lag and braking distance and you see why a safe cushion is necessary to avoid a rear-end accident. In ideal conditions, at 55 mph, it will take a total of 6 to 7 seconds to stop and your vehicle will travel about 290 feet. At higher speeds, the stopping distance will increase. A safety cushion of 6 to 7 seconds is the answer to avoid a rear-end accident along with the fines, costs and court drama that go along with it. 

A rear-end collision is one of the most embarrassing accidents you can have!

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