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New Video - Load Securement

We have recently made some additions to our online video library by posting a few targeted safety training videos that are quick and to the point. If you haven't checked them out I would like to encourage you to have a look at the material and give us your feedback. The secured video library is located here for FirstFleet employees (login required), but this material has also been made available to the general public on our YouTube channel

Video Topic - Load Securement
Load Securement is a very important aspect of safe driving. No one likes to get to their delivery point and open the door to find product has fallen. This causes delays in making the delivery and causes damage to the customer’s product.

If you go thru a DOT inspection and your load is checked and they find it in disarray, you will be written up for load securement issues. Most points in CSA for load securement issues carry a 10 point assessment. That’s 30 points for the first year!

This brief video gives pointers on how to properly secure your load in vans with straps. The video also gives tips on how to properly secure your load without being injured. 



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