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Referral Bonus Increase - Elkton, VA


We need your help! 
We have good news and great news to share. The good news is we have been awarded new business with a Dedicated Customer in Elkton, VA. The great news is that FirstFleet will now be hiring 25 drivers in Elkton and the surrounding area to satisfy our need. Elkton is located in Northern, VA - about 20 miles east of Harrisonburg.

If you know of any qualified drivers, that you would recommend, please refer them to FirstFleet’s website (www.firstfleetinc.com), and ask them fill out our online application using your name as the referral source so that you can qualify for the $1000 Referral Bonus that we have increased for this recruiting effort in Elkton, VA only. 

This increased Referral Bonus is effective immediately for new full-time hires between now and December 31, 2011 for the Elkton, VA facility.  Help pay off those Holiday bills by getting your Referrals into FirstFleet ASAP!! 

At this time the referral bonus offer is extended only to FirstFleet part and full-time employees in driver and mechanic positions. If you have specific questions about how our referral bonus program works please contact your local Fleet Manager.

Thank you!


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