Getting Started

Starting a new job can mean different things to different people. To some people it means exciting horizons and new opportunities, and to others it can mean anxiety and fear of the unknown - to most it means a bit of both. Wherever you find yourself today we are glad you are here. This tool is designed to help smooth the process of transition between your previous employer and your new home with FirstFleet. This is intended to be a step by step guide to escort you through the process.

  • Needing Help?

    It is highly likely that at some point along the way you may have a question or two. If you do find yourself confused or needing assistance don't worry, and don't be afraid to ask. You will be walking through this process with a current team member who can help, and if all else fails tap the question mark to be connected with a team member electronically.

  • Step 1 - Create Login

    The FirstFleet Portal login is a critical part of being an employee. The portal is the place for communication and interaction with pay, vacation, loads, fuel economy and all sorts of information regarding your employment. Since your Portal login is quick and painless to setup let's go ahead and do that now. To register for a portal account please click the Register icon to the right.

  • Please watch the Core Values video to continue.
  • Electronic Communication Preferences

    Click here to choose whether or not to receive all notices about your employee benefits electronically.

  • Workday

    FirstFleet, Inc. has selected workday as our system of choice for our employees to manage and interact with their employment experience. Here you will make benefit elections, define direct deposit information, manage emergency contacts and a host of other necessary items surrounding your employment.

  • Paperwork

    In order to get you started on the right foot we need to get some information from you. We have tried to keep this as painless as possible and it should not take too long to complete. This is where you will handle things like your I9 and W4 documents and a few other details we need to know as your employer. Click or tap the paperwork icon to the left to start this step. When you are done you will return to this page.

  • Insurance & Benefits

    We are proud to offer a full suite of benefits to our employees. Click the Enroll link to go to our online enrollment site for the benefits election process. If you would like to watch a video summary of how to enroll online you may do so by clicking the play icon to the right.

  • 401K Enrollment

    Now is a great time to start thinking about retirement. Our 401K plan is a wonderful way to plan for the future with automatic deductions from your weekly check in a tax deferred manner. To enroll in the 401K plan click the icon to the left to open a new window and start this step. When you are finished return to this page to continue.

  • New Hire Training

    Whether you are sharpening your skills or learning the inner workings of a new company training is an essential component to putting your best into your work. At FirstFleet we have employed an online training system designed to help you hit the ground running with preparation and expectations. Click the training icon to the left to start the process now.