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Preventing Cargo Theft


Cargo theft is a serious problem for our industry. In this time of new technology, people can interact online with hundreds or even thousands of people with nothing more than a smart phone and internet access. With that being said, we must watch what we say or post while surfing various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, and other blogs.

You can protect your freight, yourself, and other FirstFleet drivers through proper planning and by following some simple guidelines.

  • Always lock tractor doors.
  • Keep tractor windows rolled up until you are on the open road.
  • Don’t talk about your load on the CB - cargo thieves listen.
  • Don’t post pictures or descriptions about the load you are hauling on the internet.
  • Don’t post any information about your company, your regular routes, or pictures of your truck.
  • When stopped to load, don’t post any information of what you are picking up, your location, or where your load is to be delivered.
  • When possible, go directly to your delivery point without stopping.
  • Park in crowds and only at reputable truck stops.
  • Don’t stop on dark freeways or in deserted areas.
  • Avoid taking your load home.
  • Be especially alert after picking up a load. Most hijacking occurs within a few miles of the pickup point. On and off-ramps are particularly dangerous

For your convenience a printable version of these points can be found here.


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