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CSA & DOT Update

  A few quick updates for you with regard to changing DOT rules and regulations.

Under the new hours of service rules effective Feb. 27 2012, a driver parked in a commercial vehicle can be considered off duty, even in a day cab. However, if not parked for 10 consecutive hours, the time would count towards the drivers 14 hour on duty time.

For team operations, two hours following or proceeding 8 consecutive hours in the sleeper can be logged as off duty, and the team driver can be in the passenger seat.

One additional regulation for your consideration - a driver that violates the 11 hour driving time limit by 3 hours or more will be penalized under the egregious penalty phase which carriers a heavy fine up to $2750. A violation of this magnitude is considered a serious violation for the driver and company alike.

The remaining new hours of service rules do not go into effect until July of 2013.

As professional drivers it is very important that you stay informed with changing regulations. If we can be of assistance please feel free to let us know how we can help.



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