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Coming Soon - Electronic Logs!


We are excited to announce the implementation of electronic logs for FirstFleet.  You may hear QHOS (Qualcomm Hours of Service) is coming to your fleet.  The CSA program is a government program that is designed to level the playing field by providing good visibility into a carrier’s safety performance – in relation to their peers.  This program provides clear access into what was once lost in the details of a safe stat score.

FirstFleet wants to be a leader in our industry and is deploying the electronic hours of service solution to replace the paper log process.  This will help to protect our industry leading safety position and improve our companies CSA scores.  This process is being rolled out now to the majority of our fleet that is currently equipped with capable in cab devices. This transition will take place over the next 6 months for all tractors that are currently equipped with a Qualcomm unit.

Here are a few benefits to using electronic logs:


  • Easier to manage than paper
  • To the minute logging = more drive time
  • Driver are always aware of their available hours
  • Dispatch is aware of a drivers available hours
We are currently live with 425 units!

Our goal is to keep you posted with the most up to date information!  Stay tuned more information to come in future blogs…