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So What is My Next Step to Better Health???

With more and more participants taking part in the new 2013 Wellness Program, taking the Personal Health Assessment (My PHA) is just the first step towards good health.  There is good news that you can also earn another $50 gift card by participating in a Self-Directed Program on the Blue Cross website.  Blue Cross has designed a number of programs that take into account your time and needs to allow you to work through these programs online at your own pace.  You get to be the coach and participant in these programs.

Click on the link here, and you will find more information on how you can take those next steps towards better health.  Follow the instructions that lead you to the “MY DASHBOARD” link on the Blue Cross website.

We are excited to hear how your progress is coming after two months into the program.  Feel free to Comment on this blog or on FirstFleet’s Facebook page.

Remember – the next step is easier once you start moving in the right direction!


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