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Wellness Gift Cards Provided to PHA Participants!

Congratulations to 201 Blue Cross participants who completed the Personal Health Assessment in the first two months of the year!!!  The first round of gift cards have been sent to all of these participants this past week for those who have started their path to wellness!!!

There is another round of congratulations to 11 other participants who have already taken that next step to wellness by completing at least one round of the OnMyTime self-directed coaching sessions.   Since some of these participants had already completed two of these sessions (which is our annual maximum), FirstFleet sent sets of gift cards to these participants this past week.

These are great numbers to start the year, but this is just the beginning.  We are anticipating sending many more gift cards throughout the year.  This all depends on you taking the time to start the process.

Just as a reminder, when you complete these steps, you will receive:

          $30         Completing the Personal Health Assessment

          $50         Completing a Self-Directed Coaching Session (limited to 2 per year)

          $50         Completing a Health Coaching Program (limited to 2 per year)

          $50         Completing the Biometric Testing (more information to come soon)

As you can see, FirstFleet is very interested in our associates achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, and we want to offer these incentives to help you move in that direction.  Please see your Fleet Manager or click here for further information on these benefits.

To finish, we want to acknowledge these sites as our “Top 10” in regards to those participants taking the Personal Health Assessment in the first two months of the year.  Congratulations to all of these sites!  We want to extend this challenge out to all of our associates to encourage others in the company to jump on board and start on this path.

St. Louis, MO 64%
Maryland Heights, MO 40%
Russellville, AR 27%
Delaware, OH 21%
Cedar Rapids, IA 19%
Henderson, KY 17%
Middletown, NY 13%
Atlanta, GA 12%
Lynchburg, VA 12%
Morristown, TN 11%

Keep up the great work all!!


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