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New HOS Regulations – July 1,2013

Don't get caught at the scales! 

The FirstFleet Safety department would like to make everyone aware of new hours of service regulations that are effective July 1, 2013.

The first change is related to limitation on minimum 34 hour restarts.  It includes the following:
  • Must include two periods from 1am to 5am.
  • May only be used once per week, 168 hours, measured from the beginning of the previous restart.
  • Only one restart per week.

The second change is related to rest breaks.  It includes the following:

  • May drive only if 8 hours or less have passed since end of driver’s last off duty sleeper berth period of at least 30 minutes.
  • The 30 minute break must be consecutive and has to be taken off duty or in the sleeper.
  • Physically unloading or loading does not count towards break time.

Driving (or allowing a driver to drive) more than 3 hours beyond the driving time limit may be considered an “egregious” violation and subject to maximum civil penalties, up to $2,700 for the individual and or the carrier up to $ 11,000 per occurrence.

Please be sure you check with your terminal manager for a handout of the new regulations.  If you have any questions and need further clarification feel free to call the help desk at 615-800-7899 or follow this link for additional information from the DOT on the new hours of service regulations.

Below you will find a video produced by Qualcomm Omnitracs that is intended to help update your knowledge of the changing regulations.

To watch this video and more have a look at our YouTube channel



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