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Fuel Economy Online

FirstFleet takes great pride in our ability to operate an efficient fleet of equipment. We are regularly refreshing equipment in effort to take full advantage of the latest advancements in fuel economy, and we are supported by some of the very best professional drivers and maintenance staff in the business.

Good fuel economy is the result of a joint effort from all who have the ability to impact the performance of our equipment. This includes our drivers, maintenance team and even office staff who review the performance of the equipment.

We believe that the more eyes you have reviewing a problem the better outcome we will achieve.  If a maintenance issue can be caught the week it started occurring we have a better chance of controlling the overall impact of that problem by interacting with the information more frequently.

To help support fuel performance and fuel bonus programs we have created a set of web based tools to allow our drivers to interact with their fuel performance each time they login to www.firstfleetinc.com. These tools are accessible not just by our drivers but by any employee in the company who desires to review fuel economy numbers.

The video tutorial below was created in effort to help share this tool with our employees so that we can all track toward the goal of better fuel economy in the days ahead. If you are not able to see the video below I encourage you to review it here on the FirstFleet YouTube channel. If you have any thoughts about additional information we can include in this tool we would love your feedback using the contact form here.

Thanks for your time and for your efforts to make our fleet as efficient as possible.


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