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401K Reminder

As we approach the last month of 2010, FirstFleet wanted to offer one last reminder to all associates the opportunity to enroll in the 401k Plan for 2011!  As you have heard the past two months, if you have not enrolled in the 401k Plan in the past, you can do nothing and still be enrolled with an automatic contribution weekly of 4% that will start in January 2011.  Morever, you can also act now and contribute at a % or $ that best fits your needs.   Everyone has the opportunity to enroll at any % or $$ amount they are comfortable contributing to their 401k account.
Depending on your preference of contributing at a rate you choose or of opting out of the 401k Plan at this time, please log in to www.principal.com or call the Principal TeleTouch® at (800) 547-7754.  Based on your preference, you can indicate the appropriate contribution rate ($ or %) – or select a contribution rate of zero if you do NOT want to participate at this time. For either of these options, you will need to provide the FirstFleet contract number which is 7-05090.
Please note, if you have not participated in the FirstFleet 401k plan previously, and you do not make the election to either opt out or select a different contribution rate, you will be auto-enrolled into the FirstFleet 401k plan with a 4% weekly deduction from your pay effective January 1st, 2010.

We want this to be an efficient process for you, as you plan for your retirement future.  Please feel free to contact our office in Murfreesboro (1-800-819-0905) and request 401k assistance for any questions about the FirstFleet, Inc. 401k Plan.

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