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Dangers Of Fatigued Driving

FEELING TIRED? Please know your warning signs of fatigue: Yawning, watery or sore eyes, daydreaming, feeling uncomfortable in your seat, and the dangerous head nod. When these warning signs of being tired at the wheel begin to happen to you, pull over, take a power nap, or get out of the truck and refresh yourself. Understand what is happening, you need to get fresh oxygen in your brain. Taking an hour or more nap, puts the body in deep, rim sleep, when you wake up in an hour or so you will still be tired because you didn't get enough deep sleep to make a difference. A power nap of fifteen minutes or so will refresh the brain with new oxygen in the blood, and you will be better prepared to continue your trip.

When we are physically tired and then add stress, or mental fatigue from things like health worries, money matters, family problems, or job concerns, the chance of dozing off at the wheel gets a lot more serious.

As a professional driver you MUST know your personal warning signs of fatigue, and more than that, do what’s needed to combat fatigue.

Report to work rested and prepared for the tough job ahead—safe and professional driving!
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