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Medical Certification Requirements Update

The federal motor carrier association has said that after January 30, 2015 a CDL driver will no longer be required to carry a paper medical certificate, his or her medical status can be verified by running a license status check.

Also, new medical information must be posted to the drivers CDL record each time a new medical is sent to the DMV. Such as medical exams where a driver does not receive a two year medical card. This will ensure no CDL down-grade will be taken against a CDL, due to a disconnect in getting the medical information onto the license record. All new medical certificates must be conducted by persons registered on the national registry of certified medical examiners. The CDL driver is still responsible for making sure his or her medical information is received by their state motor vehicle department. It is suggested that the driver carry their medical certificate for up to 15 days after a new medical evaluation is conducted to confirm posting of the new exam to the drivers CDL.

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