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Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle safety awareness month:

Motorcyclists have all the same rights and privileges as any motor vehicle driver on the roadway. During Motorcycle Safety Awareness month, this May, and during the rest of the year, drivers of all other motor vehicles, and all road users are reminded to safely SHARE THE ROAD with motorcyclists and stay extra alert to keep motorcyclists safe.

4500 cyclists are killed each year in traffic accidents, A cycle is no match for a passenger motor vehicle or a large truck in an accident. A cycle driver is 30 times more likely than a passenger car driver to die in a crash, and twice as likely to be injured.

When you look in the mirror look for a motorcycle or bicycle. Don’t look hoping it is clear, and then miss a smaller vehicle like a motorcycle.

For safety sake, look to make sure you see a cycle and SHARE THE ROAD responsibly !

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