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Let Freedom Ring!

In towns all across our country today Americans will celebrate the birth of our great country with family, food and festivities. As citizens of this great country we have the privilege of freedom and the right to choose. These blessings are not to be taken for granted or forgotten. They have come at a great cost to countless individuals and families throughout the history of our nation.

239 years ago our nation was founded on the dream that we would one day be a great nation. It is with great thanks that we remember those who dared to dream big for the future. Let us not forget that with great privilege comes great responsibility, and may today be a day of celebration, hope and unity.

We realize today many of our drivers will be on the road - delivering the goods that keep our country moving forward. We thank you for the time and effort you dedicate to doing your job with care and responsibility. Our company is blessed to be made up of men and women who take pride in their work. It is our great hope that today you are able to celebrate and take pride in our nation - regardless of where you find yourself on the map.