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$2000 Referral Bonus - Cleveland TN

FirstFleet is growing and we need your help! We are in need of new drivers for our Cleveland, TN dedicated operation. Effective immediately the referral bonus for this facility is being increased to $2000 for new full-time hires at this location through 10/1/2015. 

The referred driver must work 90 days before you are eligible to receive your bonus. Make sure to have the prospective driver list you on the application to receive your bonus.

With growth comes a need for Good Quality Drivers so we are asking for your help by referring your friends, family and acquaintances for this new opportunity.  Have them visit our website, www.firstfleetinc.com to complete our online application or call RECRUITING at 888-838-7646 for additional information.  

Thank you again for your recruiting help!

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