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Referral Bonus and Truck Giveaway!

Hello FirstFleet Family! 

We are excited to announce a fun and very rewarding contest and referral program for existing FirstFleet drivers and technicians to earn referral rewards for full-time drivers hired on at one of SEVEN selected sites. 

Effective now and ending February 1, 2022 any Driver or Technician referring a driver will receive a referral bonus in the amount of $5,000 upon the referred drivers’ completion of 90 days of service (90 days from hire date).  

In addition to the $5,000 referral bonus, Drivers and Technicians referring a full-time driver that comes to work and is an employee in good standing as of February 1, 2022 will have their name put in a drawing for a BRAND-NEW CHEVROLET SILVERADO. That is right! FirstFleet is giving away a brand-new Chevy truck to one lucky individual. 

Drivers and Technicians will gain (1) entry for each driver they refer and is still employeed by February 1, 2022.  This contest is open to all Current FirstFleet drivers and Technicians regardless of where they currently work. However, they must refer a driver into one of the operations detailed below to get their name into the Truck giveaway, and the elevated $5000 bonus applies only to drivers hired at one of these sites. Standard referral bonuses are still in place for all other locations.  

The sites we are targeting in this test program (truck give away and increased referral bonus) are: 

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Cleveland, TN
  • Portland TN
  • Delaware, OH
  • Bluffton, IN
  • Chesterfield, MI
  • Romulus, MI

The referred driver must come to work at one of these facilities as a full time FirstFleet Inc. driver or sucessfully complete the mentor program. All applications must have the referred portion of the application filled out properly, and we encourage you to use the Link in the FirstFleet app to streamline and expedite the process. See video tutorial below for details. 

We will be drawing for the Truck February 1st, 2022. Only Drivers or Technicians presently employed by FirstFleet will be eligible for the drawing. Look for the giveaway truck at a terminal near you in the coming weeks! We need your help and are ready to make it worth your time to bring qualified drivers to FirstFleet!

Demo Video: Application Referral Tracking

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