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National Truck Driver Appreciation

The week of September 13-19 is set aside as National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. The 3.4 million truck drivers on our national highways are a vital part of America’s economy and stability. We are afforded the opportunity to move goods from one end of this great country to the other thanks to the men and women who pilot them. It is this movement of goods that drives our economy in critical ways.

Not only are these men and women keeping America moving, but overwhelmingly they are moving the goods with safety, professionalism and a wonderful sense of pride in their work. FirstFleet is proud to employ thousands of the best drivers in the business, and we are grateful to be associated with this industry.

The life of a professional driver can be challenging in many ways. Long hours, stress and time away from home and family are sacrifices that every truck driver knows quite well. Despite these sacrifices our country is serviced tirelessly by these dedicated men and women who wake up every day with the realization that their work matters, and it is something to be proud of.

For FirstFleet drivers reading this blog we are grateful for your service and dedication to the needs of our customers. We realize that life does not stop this week, and that there is great possibility you are reading this away from your home. The wheels of our trucks will cover millions of safe miles this week, and we thank you for being at the wheel, safe, professional and courteous for each of these hard earned miles.

Drive safe, and have a great week!


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