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Ames, IA Wellness Hero - Tony Kellis

Tony has been working with the shop in Ames, Iowa since March of this past year. However, his journey to wellness started much earlier than his time with FirstFleet, But as you can see from his video here that he welcomes the opportunities that the Wellness Program at FirstFleet offers to everyone. He is determined to stay on top of his wellness to stay on track with losing more weight to feel as best as he can.

Tony has accomplished many things in his life already, and he is still very young. This shows the drive that he possesses to accomplish his goals personally. The drive he has is the big question of the "WHY?" that we want everyone in our Wellness Program to answer for themselves. In the near future, we will give you the opportunity to share the "WHY?" for you personally for incorporating wellness into your lifestyle.

Tony - Thank you for sharing your journey with us. If you are unable to see the video below please click here for the YouTube version.

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