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Portland, TN Wellness Hero - Mike Farmer

Mike Farmer was presented with answering a big question for himself a few years ago when he found out that he was going to be a father to a precious daughter.  He had to make the decision if he was going to be willing to take the necessary steps for himself to ensure that he was going to be active and around for his wife and young daughter.  Once he made the decision to make some changes, Mike found out that small changes can have a huge impact on your health.

Mike first decided to cut out his daily soda intake.  As we all know, sodas are full of sugar (mainly high-fructose corn syrup) which are not supplying efficient fuel for our bodies, but make us slower and lethargic after consumption.  Once he dropped sodas from his diet, the weight started dropping, which motivated him to make more necessary changes.

Now Mike enjoys real, fresh foods - fruits, vegetables and meat - and water.  Even if he indulges in some non-healthy food options at times, he has dialed into his nutrition to not allow it to send him in the wrong direction over the long-term.

Mike has been a great friend of FirstFleet for 20 years, where he has faithfully served the customers and other associates in Portland.  When he was confronted with his "WHY?" on making a change, he set his mind to it, and his whole family (including his FirstFleet family) has benefited from these changes.

Mike - Thank you for sharing your story with us in this video.  We know your story will have a positive impact on many to make some necessary changes for themselves and their families too.

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