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Portland, TN Wellness Hero - Melvin Brown

A few years ago, Melvin realized that he needed to take some steps to improve his health while he was on the road.  Driving involves a lot of "sitting time" throughout the week.  Many times, you do not feel like exercising on your time off or at home.  Melvin knew that he needed to take some time to improve himself physically while he was in the truck.  So a few years ago, he began doing a system of simple exercises while inside the truck on breaks.  The system he shares with us in this attached video show us how he performs some exercises for multiple body parts, without taking much time.  With the system of ab-crunches and push-ups on his bunk, he has transformed his health by losing weight and making himself stronger too.  As Melvin shows all of us, it does not take long to get our bodies moving for strength and overall health.

Once Melvin made the decision to move more, he also realized he needed to get his nutrition in line with traveling through the week.  He packs a cooler for every trip with healthy snacks and meals to keep his blood-sugar stable, so he does not feel like he has to stop and indulge in something that is not going to be beneficial to his body.

After you watch this video, we want to hear from you on what you do to stay in shape while on the road.  We know there are many stories like Melvin's, and we want to help each of us live healthier, fruitful lives.  Please post a comment on what your current physical activity is while you are on the road.  Plus, if you have a good routine at home you want to share, please do so here.

Melvin - Thank you for being willing to share with us your in-cab exercises and telling all of us how easy it can be to stay in shape while on the road.  You have faithfully served as a friend of ours in Portland, TN for almost 4 years, and we thank you for your service.  This change has been positive for you, and we know it can be for others.

If you are unable to see the video below click here to view on YouTube

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