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"Biometric screening saved my life!" - Frank Hudson

In late 2015, Frank Hudson realized he needed to meet the wellness requirements at FirstFleet.  So he scheduled a wellness visit with a primary doctor to have his biometric test completed.  What he did not realize when he made this appointment is how it would impact his life and the lives of his family. 


Please take a few minutes to watch this message from Frank Hudson, who has served FirstFleet in Omaha, NE faithfully for many years.  His story is a message of motivation for all of us to not just have our biometric tests completed this year, but to also understand how these numbers and measurements impact our lives and our health.  What Frank's doctor found in this one test ultimately saved his life! 

As a reminder, participants in the medical plan have until July 31, 2016 to meet the wellness requirements for 2016 by completing the biometric screening and taking the Personal Health Assessment on the BlueAccess site.

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