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Brake Inspection Blitz Sep. 11–17

Annual Brake inspection blitz set for September 11 – 17

Inspectors will be paying special attention to brake safety during the CVSA Brake Safety Week. Inspectors will be looking for "out of adjustment" brakes, brake system and "anti-lock" braking system violations.

Please make sure you are conducting a thorough Pre-Trip inspection while looking for out of adjustment brakes, loose or missing brake parts, air leaks, worn linings, and defective drums.

Also, please make sure the ABS indicator light is working properly!

Any defective or out of adjustment brakes will result in the vehicle being placed out-of-service!

During 2015’s brake inspection week, inspectors conducted 18,817 inspections and placed 2,321 trucks out-of-service.

An email was sent last week to all terminals with an attachment giving drivers the information on how to adjust all brakes without a wrench. If you don’t know how to adjust your brakes, and didn’t receive a copy of the instructions, please ask your supervisor or Terminal Manager for a copy.
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