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Wellness Champions - Dan & Karen Eckelbarger

This Bluffton couple made a decision a couple of years ago that they could take charge of their own health by making small changes in their diet and movement to lose over 100 pounds between both of them.  It took them to get to the point of not feeling good most of the time and some declining health issues to propel them to make some changes for the long-term.

By simply monitoring the foods they ate, decreasing sugary drinks and moving a little more, Dan and Karen realized the long-term benefits of what it takes to feel good over the long haul.  Plus they used the health coaches that FirstFleet provides under the Wellness plan to help encourage them while they made these changes.

Please enjoy the video story of Dan and Karen Eckelbarger and their road to recovery and good health! If you cannot see the video below please click here to watch now. Please feel free to contact the Wellness team for any questions you have on making positive changes to your health.

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