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Fuel Spill

In our industry fuel spills happen from time to time when drivers either encounter objects in the roadway or are involved in collisions.  When these situations do occur, drivers need to move quickly to mitigate the impact of a fuel spill.  Things to remember when a spill occurs: 

  • Try to remain on a paved area whenever possible----do not pull onto soil, sand, etc. as the fuel will saturate the ground, necessitating a costly clean-up.
  • Avoid areas where water is nearby, and do not park near a drain or any sort of culvert.
  • Turn the truck off-this stops the fuel from pumping from tank to tank.
  • Look for ways to stop the spread of fuel, such as using the mattress, bedding…anything to dam the flow and contain it in a smaller area.  You will be reimbursed for any damaged personal property used to stop the spill. 
  • A bar of soap or a rag and a screw driver can staunch the flow.
  • Contact Portland (1-800-489-7300) for assistance in locating a spill clean-up crew.
  • Call local or state law enforcement as many states require reporting of any fuel spill.

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