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TeleHealth Co-pays Waived through June 30th!


Co-Pays for the PhysicianNow Telehealth program offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield have now been waived through June 30th.   This applies to both the FirstFleet PPO and High Deductible Health Plans.  If you haven’t used this program before, now is a great time to try it.   If you can’t get into a doctor’s office or just don’t want to be in a waiting room filled with sick people, PhysicianNow Telehealth is a great option!  PhysicianNow Telehealth offers both phone and video consultations with primary care providers, specialists and behavioral health providers.  PhysicianNow can even prescribe prescriptions for non-emergency medical conditions and send them to your preferred pharmacy.

Please click here to see all the ways you can use PhysicianNow

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