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CSA Tip: Driver Record

The driver record is kept with the CSA for a period of three year. Violations found on any level of DOT inspection, or being involved in a DOT recordable accident, will generate points on your CSA record.

To access your personal CSA records see this link.

Points are multiplied by 3 the first year on your CSA record, a minor speeding violation that may generate 4 points multiplied by 3, will result in 12 points assigned to your CSA record the first year. Points are multiplied by 2 the second year, and by 1 the third year, then fall off your CSA driver record. Warnings generate the same point value as a citation.

As a commercial driver you have a CSA record—it is always current to the last three years, which as of now is back to September 2008. Stay alert and please bring any safety concerns you have to the immediate attention of your Driver Trainer or your Fleet Manager.


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