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Cell Phone Legislation

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently passed a law that bans the use of cell phones by commercial drivers without a hands free phone device. This law goes into effect December 30, 2011.  The penalty for violating this federal law is $2750 per occurrence.

In addition to the hefty fines that are associated with this infraction it has been proven to be a very unsafe practice. In effort to sponsor safety it is the company policy of FirstFleet to require the use of a hands free device while operating a company owned vehicle. Please help us make the roads a safer place to be while avoiding costly penalties by honoring this company and federal policy. If you do not have the capacity to use a headset device and have need to use the phone while in transit we request that you pull off at an exit and find a safe location to use your phone while not in motion.

For more information on this FMCSA ruling please see this press release.


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