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CSA : How It Works

The FMCSA initiative CSA - (Compliance, Safety, and Accountability) is now two years old. In this program a professional driver's record is maintained for 36 months from date of a violation. In addition to personal infraction points these points stay with their employer for 24 months from the date of violation. 

The 7 BASIC areas monitored are:

  • Unsafe Driving
  • Hours of Service
  • Driver Fitness
  • Drug & Alcohol
  • Maintenance
  • Hazmat Compliance
  • Crashes

Infraction points are earned through DOT inspections with violations and vehicle crashes. It is important to note that warnings will generate the same level of points against a drivers personal record and the company record as an actual citation.

With regard to crashes: if you are involved in a vehicle crash CSA points will result from this accident regardless of if you are at fault or not.

The scoring mechanism is designed to compare FirstFleet to other carriers with 500 or more trucks. As a driver your performance is compared to the other commercial drivers you share the road with. If the DOT feels the company (or the driver) has too many violations, they will intervene with warning letters, targeted enforcement, or more extreme measures if necessary. 

Protect your CSA record and that of your employer. Make sure your equipment is in good repair, obey the rules of the road, stay in compliance with hours of service, and drive defensively. By following these steps your CSA record and your companies will be one to be proud of.



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