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Winter Driving

It’s that time of year again! Driving a commercial vehicle during the often extreme driving conditions of winter presents many challenges for our drivers. Many serious crashes occur during winter driving months because drivers have not planned ahead! Good planning and a few simple good habits can protect you and those that share the road with you during the winter months ahead.
  • When planning your trip you must make sure you are well rested before you depart. Knowing how to drive during extreme conditions doesn’t do you any good if you keep nodding off behind the wheel. Your alertness is crucial in crash prevention during adverse driving conditions!
  • Pre-Trip your vehicle to make sure it is road worthy.
  • Protect yourself by wearing your seatbelt at all times.
  • Make your vehicle more visible by driving with your headlights on.
  • Do not use your engine brake or cruise control on snow/ice covered roads.
  • Reducing your speed and increasing your following distance is an excellent way of being able to avoid a crash. Watch for “Black Ice” on the road. A good indicator the road is icy instead of wet is when vehicles are no longer creating spray from their tires!
  • Keep your eyes moving! Advance warning from other vehicles (brake lights) can help prevent a crash. Keeping your eyes moving will also help you stay more alert and will prevent fatigue!
  • Keep a good look-ahead capacity…knowing in advance what is happening in front of you will help you avoid an accident.
  • Avoid talking on the cell phone. Also, no hand held operations of the cell phone (texting,browsing, etc.). 
  • Always remember to be patient while on the road and especially when road conditions deteriorate. If road conditions deteriorate, you might want to consider stopping until the conditions improve.
  • Be sure to call in and keep dispatch informed.
Take your time, pay attention, and be patient while dealing with adverse driving conditions. We want you to return to your family safe and sound!
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