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June 2nd-4th Highway Safety Blitz

Drivers, please be aware of a step up in commercial vehicle enforcement beginning June 2-4, 2015. This 72 hour inspection blitz is the largest targeted enforcement effort on commercial vehicles in the world. The special emphasis this year is on cargo securement. Enforcement will primarily be conducting level 1 inspections which include both the driver and the vehicle. Drivers will be asked for their CDL, medical card, logs, registration for both truck and trailer, and the insurance card. Officers will also be checking for seat belt usage and any indication of drug or alcohol use.

Vehicles will be checked for securement issues, brake settings, coupling devices, exhaust systems, lights, tires, suspension, wheel and rims, air leaks and hose chaffing indications.

Since the inception of the DOT Road Check in 1988, over 1.4 million inspections have been conducted on commercial vehicles with an estimated 318 lives saved and 3,840 injuries avoided. Pre-trip and post-trip yourself and your truck, be in compliance, get that clean inspection!
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