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Holiday Safety

Nearly 41 million Americans are expected to travel 50 or miles from home this July 4th holiday weekend. This holiday is anticipated as the highest traffic volume in the past 7 years.

On a typical day around 112 people lose their life in highway traffic accidents, the July 4th number typically is around 148. Sadly, 31% of those deaths will be alcohol related. Other leading causes are driver inattention, especially cell phone related, excessive speed, and driver fatigue - dozing off at the wheel.

What can you do to be be prepared?

  • Increase your eye lead time, look out well ahead of your vehicle, see what’s going on in the space you are about to drive into.
  • Give the right of way
  • Stay out of packs of traffic all bunched up
  • Recognize lane deviation by other vehicles expect that the driver is inattentive and and anticipate his actions.
  • Above all slow down, It will improve your safety, improve your fuel mileage, and you will enjoy the trip a lot more.
Safety, always a full time job, don’t make it your part time practice!
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