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Open Enrollment 2018

We are excited to announce our annual Open Enrollment for Benefit elections is October 1 – 31. Don’t miss this opportunity to make changes or review your core and voluntary benefit options for 2018. Open enrollment is passive again this year. This means that you don’t have to enroll during Open Enrollment unless you are actually making changes to your current elections or opting out of coverage. The only exception would be that you are required to elect a new flexible spending account every year due to IRS Regulations. Your flexible spending account will not automatically roll over for next year.

Starting today you are able to visit www.firstfleetinc.com/openenrollment to begin reviewing your Benefit Highlights for the next plan year. You will use this same link to complete your elections during the Open Enrollment period. Additionally, in the days ahead you will be able to review an informational video summary detailing enhancements and changes coming to your FirstFleet benefits. We encourage you to take the time to review all of the information in the days ahead and then make great choices.

Should you have any questions or concerns we are glad to assist. Please feel free to contact us online or reach out to an HR Representative at 615-890-9229.
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