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Avoiding Backing Accidents

Did you know 3 out of every 5 accidents in the trucking industry are backing related? It's true, seeing what's behind you with a 53 ' trailer is very difficult, but these accidents are almost always judged as preventable - why is this? - because they can be avoided if we practice the following safe methods when backing.

When approaching an area where a backing maneuver is required, survey the area you are about to back into. Look for obstructions in your way, such as wheel chocks, loading stands, dock plate handles left sticking out, dumpsters, cars, etc. that may be in your path.

Try to back to the driver's side, the side you have the best vision on, use both mirrors when backing, don't stay camped in the left mirror, move your eyes, the situation may change in seconds behind you.

Above all get out and look, before backing - and if necessary during the back - to ensure a safe backing maneuver. Remember that an accident when backing can happen in a split second, so take your time, get out and look, and make your backing maneuver safe.



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